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Welcome to the beginning of a transformative journey for your school. By choosing to implement the Emily’s Hope Substance Use Prevention Curriculum, you’re stepping up to the challenge of empowering your students with vital knowledge to resist substance abuse and make healthier choices.

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Start your journey towards a safer, healthier future for your students. Empower them with knowledge, resilience, and strength to resist substance abuse. Your commitment today can save a student’s life tomorrow.

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Book Price List
I Feel… By DJ Corchin (Ebook)$5.99Kindergarten
Your Super Powers!$12.001st Grade
I Feel… Different by DJ Corchin (Ebook)$5.991st Grade
The SENSE-ational Explorers: Eduardo, Emily, and the Amazing Senses$13.002nd Grade
Keep Your Body and Brain Healthy and Safe$20.003rd Grade
From Head to Toe: Unveiling the Wonders of My Body and Making Smart Choices$18.004th Grade
Brain Power Unleashed: Adventures in Understanding How Substances Affect Our MindsTBD5th Grade
Prices do not include shipping

Our Mission

The Emily’s Hope Substance Use Prevention Curriculum is carefully designed to address growing concerns surrounding substance use and overdose in our communities. Our curriculum focuses on age-appropriate and evidence-based content that educates children about the risks of substance use while empowering them to make healthy choices. By fostering open communication between children, parents, and educators, we aim to create a supportive environment that promotes well-being and resilience.

Easy Implementation

We understand that change can be challenging, so we’ve designed our curriculum to be as intuitive and straightforward as possible. It’s about saving lives, and we want to ensure nothing stands in the way of that mission.

Learn more about Emily’s Hope, Inc., the 501(c)3 nonprofit behind the substance use prevention curriculum.