Classroom Materials – Price List

Thanks to our generous donors, Emily’s Hope is able to ship one student book per section free of charge. These materials will ship after Administrator Onboarding is completed. Please contact us for additional details.

I Feel… By DJ Corchin (Ebook)$5.99Kindergarten
Your Super Powers!$12.001st Grade
I Feel… Different by DJ Corchin (Ebook)$5.991st Grade
The SENSE-ational Explorers: Eduardo, Emily, and the Amazing Senses$13.002nd Grade
Keep Your Body and Brain Healthy and Safe$20.003rd Grade
From Head to Toe: Unveiling the Wonders of My Body and Making Smart Choices$18.004th Grade
Brain Power Unleashed: Adventures in Understanding How Substances Affect Our MindsTBD5th Grade
Prices do not include shipping